Counselling Practitioner’s Round Table


Our aim is to provide a forum within the International Community of Counsellors for practitioners to share and discuss matters arising from their practice for celebration or concern; create mutual support and encouragement across International and multi-cultural contexts around the world using Skype, e-mail and Text, designed to combat isolation; and to address the wider professional and research community with matters of interest or concern.

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Dr. Nate Perron, Chairperson.

To join the Practitioner's Round Table contact the Round Table Chairperson Dr. Nate Perron at

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Presentations made by Round Table members at the IAC Malta Conference 2016;

  • Experiencing Hope: The Benefits of Embracing Hope in Personal and Professional Contexts
  • Hope! Recognizing When We Personally Need to Utilize the Skills We Share with Clients
  • Hope in my Clinical Practice 
  • The Emotional Wellbeing of Liberated Trokosi-‘Slave of the god’ girls and women
  • Hope: A Reflection - Dr. John Prysor-Jones

 Injecting hope and revealing possibility: Setting the stage for a hope-filled counseling relationship from the first session

The Emotional & Psychological Wellbeing of Liberated Trokosi- “Slave Of The Gods”-Women And Girls.