Associations' RoundTable

A Message from IAC President, Dr. Bill Borgen: An invitation to Counselling Leaders Worldwide.
Dear Colleagues, 
The leaders of all counselling associations and organisations are invited to attend the International Association for Counselling's (IAC) 2024 Counselling Associations' Roundtable MeetingThis important international meeting takes place on Saturday the 29th of June 2024, beginning at 3pm, at the  Congress Centre, in the Naples Ramada Hotel, Naples, Italy. The meeting takes place as part of the International Counselling Conference (28th - 30th June 2024). All conference details can be (seen HERE).
The IAC Associations' RoundTable provides an ideal opportunity for the leaders of counselling associations/organizations to meet, discuss, and progress the issues that impact us all. Counselling, as a profession, is growing exponentially worldwide. Our profession's importance is increasingly recognized by Governments, Regional bodies and Intergovernmental agencies (e.g., United Nations organizations -- see HERE). It is crucial that we work in unity on standards', advocacy and partnership in order to optimise the development of counselling as a profession worldwide. 
Two persons from each association/organization are invited to attend the meeting. IAC is not in a position to provide financial assistance to attend. Association-specific, invitations will also be sent in January. It is expected that over eighty people will attend -- including representatives of the largest counselling associations/organizations worldwide. United Nations representatives will also be in attendance. For more information please contact Dr. Vanessa Lim at:
Established in 1966, IAC is the world body for the counselling profession. We look forward to meeting you in Naples!
Your Sincerely, 
Dr. Bill Borgen, IAC President.
December 2023.


The Associations' RoundTable (formerly known as the Presidents' Round-Table) provides opportunities for the leaders of counselling associations and organizationsworldwide to meet during IAC conferences to discuss and advance counselling matters globally. We particularily welcome participation by new Associations (National, Regional and Local).

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Roundtable Chairperson: Serving IAC President

Recording Secretary: Dr Ruth Falzon