IAC Supports The World Health Organization's Focus on Mental Health

The World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nations agency with whom IAC is closely allied, has mental health as a major focus of their research, publishing and programming. IAC supports these efforts as well as the acknowledgement and promotion of counselling as central to addressing mental health worldwide.



WHO's EQUIP project, a series of resources and tools for the assessment of competencies, enhances training and supervision for improved mental health and psychosocial support services. EQUIP project coordinator Dr. James Underhill presented information on about the project and demonstrated the related tools at IAC’s International Counselling Convention in Malaysia on 2 November, 2022. Learn more about EQUIP here or watch a short video on EQUIP here.



All over the world, mental health needs are high but responses are insufficient and inadequate. WHO's 2022 “World Mental Health Report: Transforming Mental Health for All” is designed to inspire and inform better mental health for all. Drawing on the latest evidence available, showcasing examples of good practice from around the world, and voicing people’s lived experience, it highlights why and where change is most needed and how it can best be achieved. It calls on all stakeholders to work together to deepen the value and commitment given to mental health, reshape the environments that influence mental health, and strengthen the systems that care for mental health. Download the WHO report.


The WHO recently published guidelines on mental health at work, which includes evidence-based recommendations to promote mental health, prevent mental health conditions, and enable people living with mental health conditions to participate fully and equitably in work, a basic human right. The mental health at work: Policy brief, developed in collaboration with the International Labour Organization, another United Nations agency for whom IAC has consultative status, provides a pragmatic framework for implementing the guidelines.