Crisis in Ukraine

As an association, IAC abhors the frightening and destructive fighting taking place in Ukraine. The horrific violence has shocked counsellors -- of all nationalities and backgrounds -- across the world. We​ wish to​ show our solidarity with all others who are working to prevent an escalation of this human tragedy.​ Counsellors work with those impacted by the immense human trauma and suffering that takes place during and after such wars. Bereavement, ​human rights abuses, and the hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee their homes​ are just some of the problems being encountered. We are intensely aware of the impact of this crisis on the health, and mental health, of the people of Ukraine. Wherever possible, we will continue to support counsellors to deliver care and support to those affected by this crisis. We join in the United Nations call for sustained and safe access for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.