Advertising with IAC


There are two ways you can advertise to IAC members and the wider profession through IAC: 1) Through our monthly e-Newsletter, or, 2) Through a Direct Isolated Email. Advertising with us opens access to a wide global readership of Counsellors, Counselling Students, Educators, Supervisors. and other stakeholders. Advertising with IAC is low-cost and supports the international development of the counselling profession.

1) Advertising in the IAC monthly e-Newsletter: We offer the opportunity to advertise your counsellor education program, service, course, event, book, or product to a wide international audience by advertising in our monthly e-Newsletter. 

Costs:                             Members                     Non-Members

One Time:                     €350 (Euro)                        450 (Euro) 

Three Times:                 €750 (Euro)                     € 1,050 (Euro) 

Format: Please email the advert, through this submission link: CLICK HERE  Your advertsiment will appear in our e-circular displaying your title, your 50-75 word summary and an embedded link to read more (no length restriction). 

If you have any questions please email 


2) Direct isolated Email: This email is sent to our members and supporters, by us, on your behalf. Only one advert is sent each time and no more than four direct isolated emails are sent each month. 

Format: Please send the following to

  • The subject line of your email.
  • The text of your email (no length restriction).
  • You can include some jpeg images if desired (and instructions on where they should go).
  • You can include links to registration (where used) in the email text. 
  • PDF attachments may be added but are not recommended (we suggest creating a link to the PDF in the body of your email).
  • Highlight your contact information. 

Please send the content at least one week prior to your reserved date. Payment is required in advance of advertising.

Costs:                             Members                     Non-Members

One Time:                     €375 (Euro)                        475 (Euro) 

Three Times:                 €875 (Euro)                     € 1,250 (Euro) 

Disclaimer: IAC does not endorse or evaluate paid avdertised products, services, or organisations, nor any of the claims made by those advertising. Advertisers making claims are expected to have research data that substantiates these claims and the research or citation to be made available on the vendor's website or, where proprietary interests exist, be made available upon request.