IAC Webinar - December 2019

December 2019 Webinar

IAC Webinar Series Presents:

December 2019 Webinar: Transcultural Online Counselling (**Event now over: Please see recording**)

Meeting Recordinghttps://zoom.us/recording/share/YgNQRNJgdL-XMrPOehxWHVJmh7cPclqLyLCoAQJwniCwIumekTziMw

Access Password: IACDec

Presenter: Desiree Carlson

When: 12:00 PM (Eastern Time*) Friday 6th December, 2019   ***Please check the corresponding time in your country carefully***

Cost:   Free for IAC Members  (see IAC Membership)      

How to Join the webinar:·     IAC Members: Web-link to Join: https://zoom.us/my/nperron

Non-members:  €10 (Euros) for non-IAC members. Please email ceo@iac.irtac.org for joining details.

Webinar Description: As counsellors we are using technology more and more as a way to help others without physical or geographical borders. This reality comes with huge potential as well as enormous challenges to keep our professional mindset intact while opening our minds to adapt to virtual realities and master the art of creating intimacy and connection through virtual spaces.  To create a therapeutical online environment requires a considerable set of cultural, emotional and phenomenological abilities in order to make our work both therapeutical and have it accesible to all. This webinar – TRANSCULTURAL ONLINE COUNSELING – looks to reflect upon these matters as well as to develop tools to create virtual  therapeutical spaces – facing the challenges  with wisdom, humility and intentionality.  

Desiree Carlson: Desiree Carlson is a psychotherapist with extensive professional experience. Desiree has developed and implemented a wide variety of therapeutic programs for youth, adults, men, women, singles, and couples. Desiree is a renowned national and international therapist, designer and instructor, who is skilled at facilitating seminars, workshops, trainings, and conferences, as well as providing individualized counselling services for individuals and groups. Desiree is licensed as a counsellor, psychotherapist, and skills coach. She joined the IAC Executive Council in May 2019, in order to bring connection and evolution to counselling in Latin American countries. Desiree has dedicated over 10 years to the development of a therapy without borders through a phenomenological perspective.

Webinar Format: The webinar will last approximately 50 minutes. The first half hour will be a presentation (mostly slides on screen) followed by 20 minutes of Questions and Answers. 

Joining Instructions: IAC members can join by clicking the following web link: https://zoom.us/my/nperron or if you already use Zoom, sign into the webinar by using the meeting code: 603-504-6140. Please note that will need to have computer speakers, and your volume turned up, during the webinar to be able to hear the presentation. Please mute your microphone throughout, unless asking a question. To ask questions during the session, please place the request to the facilitator in the side ‘chat’ bar. This will be explained further on the day.

More Webinar Information: HERE.

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