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IAC Continuing Education

IAC Continuing Education Presents: 'Transcultural Counselling' A unique opportunity to learn online from world-renowned counselling experts. This 20-hour course is self-paced. Increase your cross-cultural responsiveness. in a flexible and supported learning. Receive a Certificate of Completionand fulfil 20 Continuing Education (CEU) Hours / Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours. Low-pricing to increase global accessibility.  

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World Mapping of
the Counselling Profession

IAC is currently engaged in a major global counselling project entitled the 'World Mapping of the Counselling Profession'. We are compiling data and information about the scale, standards and contexts of counselling activity in each of the world's 196 countries. We have carried out the mapping of the pilot region (Latin-America) in partnership with the American Counseling Association (ACA) -- whose support we gratefully acknowledge. 

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Dear International Counselling Colleagues, We wish to show our solidarity and support to all those working to alleviate suffering as a result of the spread of the coronavirus/covid-19 outbreak worldwide. We hope our colleagues will stay safe. We recommend close monitoring of factual information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and reputable media organisations

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    IAC - Founded in 1966
  • "This is what we were missing all along as we were just scattered all over without a common body to coordinate and regulate our much needed services in our various communities"

    Brilliant B Ncube - Zimbabwe

Latest news

Call for Feedback on Universal Ethical Principles

14th November 2022

IAC has collaborated with counsellors and counselling associations from every region of the world to create its Universal Ethical Principles for Counselling Professionals. These principles, which provide a framework of shared human values, underscore the ...

Countdown to International Counseling Convention in Malaysia

26th October 2022

IAC is partnering with Perkama International, the International Counselling Association of Malaysia, to host the 2022 International Counseling Convention, 1st-4th November, in Kuching Malaysia. The theme of this year’s conference, Standing Alone Together...

IAC Supports World Health Organization's Focus on Mental Health

18th October 2022

The World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nations agency for whom IAC has consultative status, has made mental health a major focus of their research, publishing and programming. IAC supports these efforts as well as the acknowledgement and promotion of...